Introducing The Remora Method: Earn a Side Income of $500/Week (or More)

From: James Clear, creator of The Remora Method

A few months ago, I started doing research on the best ways to earn more money.

In the end, I found something surprising.

There are a group of people who are consistently earning money with a strategy that is the complete opposite of what most people do.

Let me explain with a story, so that you fully understand…

The Remora

There is a small fish called a remora that is very different from most fish in the ocean.

The typical fish battles the harsh conditions of the ocean by themselves or in a small group. They are constantly in search of food and continually on the lookout for their predators.

But the remora is different.

The remora has developed a special fin on top of its back that acts as a suction cup. This fin allows the remora to attach itself to larger marine animals like sharks and manta rays.

Here is a picture of a remora using its special fin to attach to the bottom of a shark.

The animal that the remora attaches to — for example, the shark in the photo above — is known as the host species.

The host provides the remora with transportation through the water, protection from predators, and with chunks of food that are dropped while the host eats. In exchange, the remora cleans bacteria and other parasites from the host.

This mutually beneficial relationship allows the remora to avoid the struggles that most fish deal with on a daily basis. And within the remora’s strategy is a key insight that successful people use to boost their income…

The Remora Method for Boosting Your Income

Just as the remora partners with a strong host species to provide protection and food, you can partner with a strong host business that can easily provide you with a supplemental income.

During my research, I found many examples of people who have done just that.

For example…

A woman named Lisa was the recent mother of twins when she decided to start selling Mary Kay makeup in her small town. But instead of going door–to–door, she partnered with a local business to sell her makeup in the store. Twelve months later she was making $50,000 per year from this side business.

A man named Tom was let go from his regular job and decided he wanted to be a consultant. There was just one problem: he didn’t have any previous clients. He decided to work as a subcontractor with some consultants that were doing similar work and almost immediately began making over $100,000 per year. It cost him zero dollars to get started.

A woman named Rebeca enjoyed making jewelry out of metal rings. She partnered with local jewelry and craft shops to teach classes on how to make her jewelry. During one class she decided to sell the raw materials to her students so they could make the jewelry on their own. That day she made $300. Eight years later, her jewelry supplies business pulls in almost $1 million per year.

Compare Those Results to The Typical Struggle…

In addition to interviewing dozens of experts who are earning money regularly, I also surveyed thousands of people who want to make more money, but haven’t figured out how to do it.

Here’s what they said…

“I’m worried about risking my money, wasting too much time planning, and never doing anything. How are other people living the good life with freedom and money and I haven’t found my niche yet?”

“I hate having to sell myself or a product. How do I make sales without being a “car salesman”?

“My biggest fear is to have a great idea, and spend lots of time working on it and developing it but not knowing how to get started, how to attract customers and how to make sales.”

“Marketing, marketing, marketing. I have set up a business and I am trying to focus on getting the word out there…. it is not happening fast enough. How I can reach more people or future clients?”

“I struggle with lack of knowledge and direction. I broadly know what I want to do but have absolutely no idea how to start and how to go about building the skill sets required for it.”

What’s the difference between these two groups?

It’s obvious that both groups are trying hard, but notice the different approaches that are being used.

The first group is focused on developing mutually beneficial partnerships where they can bring a skill and the other side can bring a customer. The second group thinks they have to do it all themselves.

The first group spends their time finding one partner that they can work with over and over again. The second group is always struggling to find the next customer and worries about having to sell their work.

The first group spends very little money to get started, and in some cases none at all. The second group thinks the only way to build a side business is by risking your own money.

The first group looks for someone who can get their idea out to the world. The second group is stuck on a continual loop of planning, researching, and trying to get all of their ducks in a row. In the end, they always feel like there is something else they need to know before they can get started.

Which group would you rather be in?

Most people think you need to figure out all of the pieces of the puzzle to successfully earn more money. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

You really don’t need to understand that much of the process.

Here’s a business secret: You only need to do one piece of the puzzle well. If you can provide a product or service that people want, then you can almost always find someone who can market it and promote it for you.

This partnership approach to earning more money is what I call The Remora Method.

Let me show you how it works…

The Remora Method

Just as the remora partners with a shark to get food and protection, you can use The Remora Method to partner with a business to get customers and boost your income.

The Remora Method can be summarized in three steps.

  1. Choose a profitable idea that excites you.
  2. Find a business that your product or service can help.
  3. Partner with that business and share the profits.

You can then diversify by setting up partnerships with multiple businesses, which will send you paying customers from multiple sources.

This approach is also incredibly versatile. I’ve seen this method succeed in virtually every industry.

This includes…

  • Selling a physical product (you can partner with a store)
  • Selling a digital product (you can partner with an internet marketer)
  • Selling a service (you can partner with a freelancer or consulting firm)

As long as you bring a product or service someone needs, you can find someone else to do the rest.

How to Use The Remora Method

So how do you know that people want your product or service? And how do you find people and businesses to partner with? And what do you say to them?

I’m going to help you answer those questions.

I’ve created a whole course around The Remora Method with classes on how to find a profitable idea, choose the best one for you, find a business partner, connect with them, and much more. This course teaches you step–by–step what to do to build a side income.

Beginning in a few days, I’m going to give access to this course to 100 people and then I’m going to work with them to implement The Remora Method and earn a side income.

Eventually, I’ll open this up to everyone, but for right now I’m only going to share it with a small group of people who are serious about using The Remora Method to partner with businesses and boost their income.

But don’t worry, even if you miss out on the 100 slots, you can still get the first lesson of The Remora Method for free.

Here’s how…

What You Should Do Now

I’m putting together a priority notification list for The Remora Method. When it launches, the people on the priority notification list will get the first crack at the 100 open slots.

Additionally, I’m going to send the first lesson of The Remora Method to everyone who joins the priority notification list before the course opens in a few days.

Yes — even though it’s taken 3 months of work and over 5,300 data points, surveys, and interviews for me to develop The Remora Method, I’m still going to give you the first lesson for free.

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